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Antonella Spinelli  Painter 
The travel begins with a web that it bridles the nature and the feelings. It is detached in order to become filament of chromatic life and lives in symbiosis with the color. 
The landscape becomes inner in order to tell and to live not express feelings. It becomes three-dimensional travel where it sees and imprime that that it will happen in a sky magma. 
Red hot magma, red and blu that it is rise to the sky


Sharon Kantor Painter 
The picturesque art of Sharon Kantor is expressed through the professional figure and styles variety: from classic up to neo-impressionism, from surrealism up to expressionism. The artist differs by her spread-track mastechine, using a plenty of an art material and paints. She differs by the relief of spread-track which strengthens natural images, but it not seems heavy, and on the contrary gives impression of easiness and musical and poetic harmony.

http://www.sharonkantor.it/  http://www.sharonkantor.net

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